I'm just one of the mazillion people inspired by Elon Musk. Posting what catches my eye in case you have as much fun watching this pioneer in action as I do.

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Not sure if I enjoy Elon Musk or Charlie Rose more in this interview. I think Rose asks great questions, he goes beyond what people do and gets to the why. Rose seems sincerely curious about the people he interviews. We expect this on PBS, I’m glad to see he can keep this up to some extent on CBS. At the end of the interview Rose is asks Musk about his many successes in life:

What is it that enables you to dream like this and make things happen? What’s the secret to you? [Musk pauses and starts a response] Is it dreaming and believing or is it implementation of ideas?

Musk’s answer is he reasons by first principles instead of by analogy. He talked about this in the Foundation profile a few weeks ago.

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