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I'm just one of the mazillion people inspired by Elon Musk. Posting what catches my eye in case you have as much fun watching this pioneer in action as I do.

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I was surprised to see that ABC’s news profile for Elon Musk goes back to the year 2000. It’s about 120 articles and videos that review of his professional life from PayPal, on.

The most recent video is about the upcoming SpaceX Dragon launch on Monday, highlighting the fact that the Dragon capsule is Made in America.

ABC US News | ABC Business News

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KCRW Radio

Elon Musk was a guest DJ at KCRW in December 2011. The host, Paul Campos, conducts an 11-minute interview in between playing a short but awesome tracklist Musk chose:

  1. Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words)—Frank Sinatra
  2. Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life—Monty Python
  3. America, F*ck Yeah—Team America
  4. Con te partiro—Andrea Bocelli
  5. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town—Fred Astaire

If the player above doesn’t function you can listen to the interview on the KCRW website. There is also a transcript of the show.


None of those characters were software engineers. Software engineers are more helpful, thoughtful, and smarter. They’re weird, but not in the same way.

Elon Musk giving feedback about the new HBO show Silicon Valley. The Re/code article is a good read and covers feedback from the actors and other Silicon Valley players that attended the premiere. Here’s a couple highlights from Musk in the article:

“None of those characters were software engineers. Software engineers are more helpful, thoughtful, and smarter. They’re weird, but not in the same way,” he opined. “I was just having a meeting with my information security team, and they’re great but they’re pretty fucking weird — one used to be a dude, one’s super small, one’s hyper-smart — that’s actually what it is.”

“The parties in Silicon Valley are amazing because people don’t care about how they’re perceived socially, which I don’t think Mike [Judge] got. Hollywood is a place where people always care about what the public will think of them … and the show felt more like that,” he said. “I’ve lived in Hollywood 12 years, and I’ve never been to a fucking good party.”

Musk reached for a bacon waffle and proclaimed that he would take Judge to Burning Man this year.

You guys may recall that Elon Musk has been planning to go on a road trip with his family. There’s not been an announcement of any sort but his last few Tweets seem to suggest he’s on that trip. But all the photos are from the same place so maybe just a family trip…?

Either way looking forward to the cross-country family supercharger trip. It’s a cool thing to do both as a dad and as an engineer and CEO. He has such a great sense of humor so hopefully there will be a cool video documenting the the Tesla Supercharger Network and Musk’s Clark Griswold side. 

In case you didn’t catch Tesla’s April Fools post announcing Pet-Driving Cars. With a nod to SNL the post also includes a funny faux quote from Elon Musk: 

My little chum, Eric the goldfish, has an uncanny sense for what direction to swim or drive,” said Tesla CEO Elon Musk. “I would trust him anywhere

Last night’s 60 Minutes interview with Elon Musk. Nothing new in this interview for us Elon Enthusiasts but a great start for the newbies. Musk did reference the “drive free, forever, on pure sunlight" line which gives me chills every time I hear it.

It was nice to see Maye, Tosca, and Kimbal (Musk’s mom, sister, and brother) on the interview but wish their segment was longer, it’s cool to get their insight.

No, I don’t hate Tesla and Elon Musk. In fact, I think Tesla is one of the most innovative companies that I have seen emerge in a while, and not only is it changing the automobile business, but it is doing so with style. As for Elon Musk, I wish that the CEOs of other companies were as passionate and visionary in promoting their companies’ mission and products, as Musk is with Tesla.
Aswath Damodaran in a post about his latest Tesla stock valuation. In Damodaran’s 2013 valuation, he “learned a lesson about how passionate its stockholders were in defending it, viewing it less as an investment and more as a calling.” In his latest post he gives a 5 bullet point preface to his latest valuation in hopes to avoid a lashing by Tesla investors, he even put up a shared Google Doc for people to submit their thoughts and projections.

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I got to meet Elon Musk during last year’s SXSW Interactive!! We were at the grand opening of the Tesla Gallery at The Domain in Austin. I wrote about my experience meeting Musk and, about a month prior to meeting him, my first Elon Musk editorial. Following Musk’s life and work has inspired me personally and professionally.

Photo by Moshen Chan

Not sure how I missed that Pharrell Williams is a Tesla Model S owner. Stumbled upon this looking for new pics of Elon. Love it that the Model S is officially apart Billionaire Boys Club. I think they should design a Model S themed Billionaire Boys Club T-shirt…I’d buy one in every color.

Musk isn’t an entrepreneur who takes the easy way out…ever.
From recent post by Sarah Lacy on pandodaily.com. The article is talking about the rise of “wantrapreneur” fever in the Silicon Valley that is likely to be stoked by Bravo reality show called Silicon Valley. She points out it’s the responsibility of the press to focus on the hardworking people trying to build good companies not the “untalented douchebags” that will flood the Valley for a quick buck. (via elonenthusiast)
Elon Musk is kinda like our Will Hunting. We like him because he’s wicked smaaht and doesn’t buy into the bullshit. And, us onlookers…us Elon Enthusiasts…are kinda like the scraggly white trash friends who will beat your ass if you talk shit about our boy.
I think it’s important to tell the truth and to rebut things that are wrong.

I think it’s a good day to reblog this one, Musk is going through the ringer with the press again with his blog response to the Tesla decision in New Jersey.

Elon Musk is still defending his reaction to John Broder’s NYT Model S review. It’s weird how the media thinks Musk is wrong to speak directly, and factually, about his companies and their products. Musk’s Tweets and blog posts are commonly billed by the media as “lashing out” or “striking back” against the media. 

Our society is in a sad state of affairs when a person has to consistently defend why they opted to tell the truth, write about the facts, and not be intimidated by the monolith of mainstream media. 

The media seems to be the only ones upset by the way Musk communicates. 

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I try to push people to do new and different things. There has to be a culture where failure is fine if you thought it through and assessed the risks.
April 13, 2012 Chicago Economics Club Dinner. Couldn’t agree more. Article notes several other Elon-isms and that the audience rushed stage afterwards to get a photo with Musk and a Telsa as the backdrop. Way to represent Chi-town! (via elonenthusiast)

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With Tesla and SpaceX on MIT’s 50 Smartest Companies list, I wanted to revisit this set of 23 video clips from Elon Musk speaking at Stanford in 2003.

He talks about SpaceX history, PayPal and Zip2 success, human spaceflight vs. space mining, qualities needed in entrepreneurialism, and a few other topics. It’s cool to go back and see what Musk was like a decade ago when SpaceX was in its infancy.  

I realized that if it was left up to the conventional car companies, we would not see electric cars, or at least not for a long time.

Elon Musk in an article on Dell’s Tech Page One site. He’s talking about how you can’t wait until a problem, like the effects of climate change, to present themselves and then try to solve the problem. Here’s the rest of that thought:

Lesson #3: “Inertia is the most powerful force in the universe”
You can’t wait until problems are obvious to begin solving them, Musk said. “By the time you notice the supertanker looming out of the fog, and you say, ‘Oh my, it’s a supertanker,’ it’s too late to move it. I realized that if it was left up to the conventional car companies, we would not see electric cars, or at least not for a long time.” When you’re ahead of your time, you have to stand out, he added, so Tesla had make its cars compelling because the problem of climate change was not yet fully understood or appreciated — and thus not a selling proposition on its own.

There are 4 other lessons listed in the article, it’s a good quick read.